2020 World Manufacturing Report

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10 Key Recommendations for a Successful and Trustworthy Adoption of AI in Manufacturing


The 2020 World Manufacturing Report entitled Manufacturing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence analyses in detail the trends in AI adoption, various applications of AI in the manufacturing value chain, how AI is transforming the workforce, and the key relevant ethical and policy themes related to AI in manufacturing.

The 2020 World Manufacturing Report, developed with over 50 experts from over 30 countries also outlines 10 Key Recommendations for a successful and trustworthy adoption of AI in manufacturing.


  1. Foster Public Conversations to Increase Understanding and Build Trust in AI Systems
  2. Manage Manufacturers’ Expectations of AI Capabilities
  3. Implement Ethical Considerations throughout the AI Life Cycle
  4. Ensure Data Quality, Privacy and Availability
  5. Put Humans at the Centre of AI Work Environments
  6. Ensure AI Strategic Alignment across the Entire Organisation
  7. Support Manufacturing SMEs in their Journey towards AI
  8. Promote AI to Support Resilient Supply Networks
  9. Educate and Train the Current and Future Workforce to be Prepared to Work with AI
  10. Implement Standards, Policies, and Regulations to Guide a Sustainable AI Adoption