Report 2021: Digitally Enabled Circular Manufacturing

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#WMReport 2021 - Digitally Enabled Circular Manufacturing

Worldwide companies and policymakers are increasingly placing more importance on environmental sustainability and building competitive circular economies in response to the ongoing climate crisis, unsustainable consumption of goods, and worldwide resource depletion.

The 2021 World Manufacturing Report: Digitally Enabled Circular Manufacturing analysed the drivers, opportunities, and challenges in the transition to a circular economy. In particular, it focused on the potential of digital technologies to achieve circular manufacturing and identified policy and other enablers to build circular value chains. The Report also outlined key recommendations, developed bya global group of experts, which encouraged companies, policymakers, educators, and wider society to promote digitally-enabled circular manufacturing.

More than 50 contributors and experts from over 30 countries collaborated to develop the Report.

The Report was presented at the 2021 World Manufacturing Forum attended by over 3,000 participants from more than 40 countries.



Contributors and Experts


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Key Recommendations

Watch John Dyck, CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute, one of the experts interviewed for the 2021 World Manufacturing Report talk about digital divide among companies as an important issue to address in the transition to Circular Manufacturing.

How can workers, companies, and society change their mindset in the transition to acircular economy? Watch Professor Lucila Maria de Souza Campos, UFSC, one of the experts interviewed for the 2021 World Manufacturing Report, to discover more about this critical topic.

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