Strategic Plan



The World Manufacturing Foundation Strategic Plan 2020-2025 foresees a series of actions for the Foundation to further enhance its role. The Plan is the result of a global effort and a collection of perspectives from different stakeholders.

We thank the over 150 respondents from all over the world who participated in the World Manufacturing Foundation Strategic Plan Stakeholder Survey through phone-calls and online questionnaires.

Manufacturing Scenario

It is without doubt that manufacturing has always been a potent driver to societal well-being and progress. Manufacturing is not only responsible for the creation of products and services that benefit society but also contributes to the creation of new jobs and value to several sectors and economic growth globally.

The Strategic Plan document consists of the following main sections

  • The Foundation outlines our competitive advantage, history, governance and partnerships and visual identity, its main stakeholder groups, reformulated vision, mission and values and primary activities.
  • Our Strategy includes outlines how we spread industrial culture, our impact and desired change, and our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This section also includes our Action Plan Roadmap.

The Foundation

Foundation Overview Positioning and Role

Our organisation is centered around: Triple-Helix, Expertise, Magnetism, Refinement, Achievement.



We are at the intersection between academe, industry and government, to foster development and innovation, acting as a lens in which analyses related issues by a faceted approach and method.

Our Visual Identity

The World Manufacturing Foundation aims to become a leader in the promotion, in the spread and in the support of manufacturing culture on a worldwide scale.

The design process aimed at working across diverse audiences, at building public awareness, at preserving the reputation of the Foundation and, ultimately, at upholding its value. The resulting brand identity expresses and valorises the strong, multifaceted identity of the Foundation through a clear and minimalistic visual language.

Our Strategy

Strategic Framework

The long-term programme framework for the years 2020 to 2025 provides strategic guidance for the World Manufacturing Foundation to continue increasing the impact of its activities.

In doing so, the World Manufacturing Foundation Strategic Plan integrates all levels of our organisational performance, by promoting synergies across goal areas to address the desired change of competitiveness of manufacturing and allows the Foundation to contribute in achieving sustainable development goals.



Our Strategic Path

Our Theory of Change (ToC) describes how and why our interventions are assumed to lead to the spread of industrial culture, our desired impact.

In developing our Theory of Change, we identified the associated assumptions and related measures to manage our risks to achieving results, by ensuring that strategies and outputs respond efficiently.

Our Action Plan Roadmap

The Action Plan 2020-2025 consists of specific activities that will map our key achievements during the years. This allows us to track our progress towards specific outcomes and goals, thanks to an impact assessment model which has been designed to document and revise our strategy year by year.

Strategic Plan & World Manufacturing Forum 2020

See the official livestream event – 1 October 2020 @Confindustria Bergamo