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World Manufacturing Forum 2023

27/11 - 28/11 | SDF - Treviglio (Bergamo), Italy

World Manufacturing Forum

27-28 November 2023


New Business Models for the Manufacturing of the Future

The 2023 edition of the World Manufacturing Forum centered its attention on new business models for the manufacturing of the future.


Exclusive Location

The 2023 World Manufacturing Forum was held at the unique and stunning SDF, Treviglio (Bergamo) – Italy. Visit SDF website
Strategically located in the middle of Northern Italy, the venue hosted an unmissable two-day event entirely dedicated to the future of manufacturing.


Attendees were provided with a unique opportunity to partake in and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the foremost topics within the manufacturing landscape, alongside industry experts hailing from esteemed corporations, top-tier international institutions, and leading research organizations.


WMF 2023 Video Previews

Servitisation was be one of the themes at the 2023 World Manufacturing Forum, which Diego Andreis, President of the World Manufacturing Foundation, explored further in this interview ahead of the global event.

How will manufacturers respond to the challenges presented by global crises and more demanding consumers, and how can they become more competitive? Marco Taisch, Scientific Chairman at the World Manufacturing Foundation, set out the solution: new business models for the manufacturing of the future.

An Unmissable Event in the Manufacturing Calendar. Join Us!

The World Manufacturing Forum is a prestigious event during which industry leaders, global policymakers, eminent academics, and research innovators address and discuss the challenges and trends of global manufacturing.
It includes keynote sessions, roundtables and parallel events on the main trends driving the new manufacturing scenario and their impact on the redesign of manufacturing supply chains.
The Forum was first held in 2011 and has since grown to become one of the most relevant events in the sector, providing innovative solutions and spreading industrial culture worldwide.
The World Manufacturing Forum took place over two days, from 27 to 28 November at SDF, Treviglio (Bergamo) – Italy. Attendance is free.


The 2023 WM Forum included panel sessions and parallel events on the main trends driving the new manufacturing scenario.

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Attendance was free.

27 November | 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM CET

SDF – Treviglio (Bergamo) – Various locations



10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Company Visits

Participation is subject to confirmation by the company to protect intellectual property rights. Delegates will only be able to attend one company visit as they will take place simultaneously. Please confirm your attendance for the November 27th programme to attend your chosen company visit. Please note that there will be no shuttle service in operation to or from the venue, and we kindly ask participants to arrange their own method of transport.

SDF | Treviglio (Bergamo) – See programme and register
Brembo | Bergamo – See programme and register
ABB |Dalmine (Bergamo) – See programme and register
Gewiss | Cenate Sotto (Bergamo) – See programme and register


27 November | 12:00 PM – 6:10 PM CET

SDF – Viale Francesco Cassani, 15, Treviglio (Bergamo, Italy)





Moderator: Andrea Cabrini, Managing Editor, Class CNBC


12:00 PM – 1:45 PM Accreditation and Welcome Lunch – SDF

SDF | Treviglio (Bergamo)


2:00 PM – 2:20 PM Introduction and opening remarks

Lodovico Bussolati, CEO, SDF
Diego Andreis, President, World Manufacturing Foundation Download the presentation
Francesco Buzzella, President, Confindustria Lombardia
Attilio Fontana, President, Regione Lombardia
Marco Taisch, Scientific Chairman, World Manufacturing Foundation Download the presentation


2:20 PM – 2:30 PM Special Address: “A Vision for the Next-Generation Manufacturing Business Models”

Ian Cronin, Centre Community Curator, Centre for Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chains, World Economic Forum Download the presentation


2:30 PM – 2:50 PM Presentation of the 2023 World Manufacturing Report: “New Business Models for the Manufacturing of the Future”

David Romero, Scientific Vice-Chairman, World Manufacturing Foundation Download the presentation


2:50 PM – 3:10 PM WMF Keynote: “State of Play for the Future of Manufacturing Businesses”

Jagjit Singh Srai, Director of Research, and Head of Centre for International Manufacturing, University of Cambridge Download presentation


3:10 PM – 4:00 PM WMF Panel I: “The Great Rewiring of Global Manufacturing Value Chains and Its Impact on Operating Models”

Emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities are arising from the ongoing great rewiring of global manufacturing value chains. Geopolitical forces, such as trade tensions, regional alliances, and technological rivalries are redefining the rules of engagement for international businesses. Global manufacturing value chains are being restructured, and businesses are being compelled to re- evaluate their sourcing strategies, partnerships, and risk management approaches. This panel will provide critical insights into the importance of new business and operating models to navigate the new complexities of reconfiguring global manufacturing value chains, in the context of geopolitical disruptions, to enable businesses to seize competitive advantages and foster sustainable growth.

Dean Bartles, President & Chief Executive Officer, Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group MTDG

Dominik Rohrmus, CTO, Labs Network Industrie 4.0


4:00 PM – 4:30 PM Coffee Break


4:30 PM – 5:20 PM WMF Panel II: “The Economics of Innovation behind New Manufacturing Business Models and Their Technologies”

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, the pursuit of innovation is paramount for sustaining competitiveness and achieving long-term success. Now more than ever before envisioning a roadmap for sustainable growth is fundamental to thrive in an era of constant technological disruption. This panel will address the dynamic interplay between technological advancements, new business and operating models, and their economic implications. It will discuss how to strategically harness new technological wonders such as advanced robotics and automation, the internet of everything, as well as artificial intelligence for streamlining operations and unlocking new revenue streams. It will highlight the importance of fostering a culture of innovation by nurturing creativity and experimentation in the workforce to stay at the forefront of the industry with unique manufacturing practices.

Maria Chiara Franceschetti, Chairwoman, Gefran S.p.A.

Dominic Gorecky, Head of Swiss Smart Factory, President of the Board of Swiss Cobotics Competence Center, Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne AG

Noriko R. Suzuki, Research leader – Automotive, electronics and energy industries, IBM Institute for Business Value


5:20 PM – 6:10 PM WMF Panel III: “Attracting and Developing a Talent Pipeline for Socially Sustainable Business Models”

In the face of talent shortages and workforce skills gaps and shortfalls, qualified talent has become the most valuable asset for any business, and its development is a strategic requirement for achieving socially sustainable business models. This panel will provide actionable insights and best practices for developing a talent pipeline that aligns with the skills needed for adopting innovative manufacturing business and operating models. By prioritizing talent development and strategically nurturing a workforce that fosters a culture of innovation and environmental and social responsibility as core pillars of the next-generation business and operating models, manufacturing companies can lay the foundations for driving sustainable growth. A strong talent pipeline and an engaged workforce with a continuous learning and skills development culture can drive innovation, facilitate new technology adoption, and lead to the emergence of future-proof business models.

Monica Poggio, CEO, Bayer Italy

Greta Braun, PhD student, Chalmers University of Technology

Andrea Ceglia, Policy assistant to the Director, European Commission, DG Research and Innovation


28 November | 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM CET

SDF – Viale Francesco Cassani, 15, Treviglio (Bergamo, Italy)






Moderator: Andrea Cabrini, Managing Editor, Class CNBC


9:00 AM – 9:30 AM Accreditation and Welcome Coffee


9:30 AM – 9:50 AM Presentation of the 2023 SPRI & WMF Special Report: “Women in Manufacturing: Impact of Women in Industrial Competitiveness”

Cristina Oyón, Director of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability, SPRI Download presentation Download report


9:50 AM – 10:40 AM WMF Panel IV: “Achieving Net-Zero Value Chains for Sustainable Manufacturing Business Models”

With the global climate crisis intensifying, the obligation for adopting sustainable manufacturing practices, including regenerative systems, has never been more critical. This panel will put into action the net-zero value chain paradigm, where carbon emissions are balanced with removals, to create sustainable manufacturing businesses and operating models. The discussion will delve into the challenges and opportunities as well as best practices associated with transitioning towards net-zero value chains through innovative strategies and technologies for decarbonizing operations, optimizing energy use, and reducing waste in near-future circular supply chains. The goal is to embrace “net zero” as the core tenet of the business and operating models of all value chain stakeholders to proactively address the climate crisis and future-proof their businesses.

Caroline Viarouge, Chief Executive Officer, EIT Manufacturing

Milan Kumar, CIO, ZF Commercial Vehicles (CVS)

Ken Somers, Partner & Master Expert, McKinsey & Company


10:40 AM – 11:30 AM WMF Panel V: “Modern Service-Oriented Business Models for Customer-Centric Manufacturers”

In response to B2C and B2B customer preferences that prioritize convenience, flexibility, and cost- effectiveness, embracing service-oriented business models has become a new imperative for thriving in the global consumer goods and capital equipment markets. Adopting the modern “Product-as-a- Service” paradigm, also referred to as a “Product-Service System”, holds the key for customer-centric manufacturers to unlock new avenues of growth and value creation. This service-oriented value- creation approach shifts the focus from selling products to delivering comprehensive solutions and experiences to customers. These can transform one-time transactions into ongoing relationships that enhance customer loyalty and create recurring revenue streams. Service-oriented business models entail offering products on a subscription basis and enriching them with bundles of traditional and digital services during the middle and end of their lifecycles. By reimagining their current product- centric business models, manufacturers can position themselves at the forefront of their competitors by emphasizing outcomes and experiences over product ownership.

Andreas Schroeder, Professor, Advanced Services Group, Aston University

Andrea Cassoni, Global Head of Collaborative Robotics and Partnerships Development Manager Robotics and Discrete Automation, ABB

Gustavo Moscardó Cuquerella, Chief Regional Officer EMEA, KUKA


11:30 AM – 12:00 PM Coffee Break


12:00 PM – 12:50 PM WMF Panel VI: “Innovative Business Models for Next-Generation Manufacturing Capital Equipment Builders

As technology, globalization, and B2B customer expectations continue to reshape the global manufacturing industry, the traditional business and operating models of machine tool builders and tooling manufacturers face increasing challenges in meeting the demands of modern factories and their manufacturing systems. This panel will showcase how to forward-thinking and adopt innovative business and operating models to drive the success of next-generation businesses for machine tool builders and tooling manufacturers. It will demonstrate how cutting-edge business strategies, such as digitalization, servitization, and circular economy to mention a few can revolutionize the way machine tool builders and tooling manufacturers engage with their B2B customers and create value for them. Moreover, it will highlight the role of emerging digital and smart technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Advanced Data Analytics, and Machine Learning in enabling these innovative business and operating models to unlock new revenue streams.

Marius Lakomiec, Team Manager Digital AM Solutions, EOS GmbH – Electro Optical Systems

Claudio Merlo, Managing Director, Graziano Tortona S.r.l.

Markus Woitsch, General Manager Technical, Yamazaki Mazak Deutschland GmbH


12:50 PM – 1:10 PM WMF Closing Remarks and Launching of WMF 2024

Diego Andreis, President, World Manufacturing Foundation

Marco Taisch, Scientific Chairman, World Manufacturing Foundation

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1:10 PM – 2:15 PM Lunch




Moderator: Andrea Frollà, Journalist, La Repubblica


2:30 PM – 5:00 PM Young Manufacturing Leaders Summit

Location: Auditorium

Innovation and leadership will serve as the central themes at the forthcoming Young Manufacturing Leaders Summit 2023 – World Manufacturing Forum Part III. This distinguished gathering is poised to serve as the crucible where the future of manufacturing is ignited by innovation and invigorated by resolute leadership. During the event, you will be granted the exclusive opportunity to interact with industry leaders, esteemed thought pioneers, and the brightest emerging talents in the manufacturing domain.


Organized by Young Manufacturing Leaders Network

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28 November | 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM CET

SDF – Viale Francesco Cassani, 15, Treviglio (Bergamo, Italy)



Moderator: Illi Edry, Corporate Storytelling Strategist, Tech Innovation Mentor


2:30 PM – 4:30 PM The Industrial Metaverse Revolution: Shaping Future Business Models and Policies in Manufacturing


As the manufacturing landscape evolves, the Industrial Metaverse emerges as a realm where physical and virtual realities intersect, offering unprecedented opportunities for business growth and innovation. This event serves as a platform to explore the fusion of these realities and delve into the European policies and innovative business models that will drive the manufacturing sector forward.


Organised by EIT Manufacturing


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Gain inspiration from renowned experts and enhance your understanding of essential themes and groundbreaking strategies to drive a transformative revolution in the Manufacturing sector