Report 2018: Recommendations for the Future of Manufacturing

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The WMF Report is a white paper published yearly, outlining the current state of manufacturing in numbers, societal megatrends and manufacturing challenges. It is aimed at discovering what actions are needed in the journey of achieving future-oriented development.

With the 2018 WMF Report, supported by an international, high-level group of experts, the World Manufacturing Forum aims to reinforce its mission enhancing industrial culture worldwide and, most importantly, promoting a prosperous future for all.

Discover the 10 Key Recommendations for the Future of Manufacturing

  • Cultivate a Positive Perception of Manufacturing
  • Promote Education and Skills Development for Societal Well-being
  • Develop Effective Policies to Support Global Business Initiatives
  • Strengthen and Expand Infrastructures to Enable Future-Oriented Manufacturing
  • Encourage Eco-Systems for Manufacturing Innovation World-Wide
  • Create Attractive Workplaces for All
  • Design and Produce Socially-Oriented Products
  • Assist SMEs with Digital Transformation
  • Explore the Real Value of Data-Driven Cognitive Manufacturing
  • Promote Resource Efficiency and Country Specific Environmental Policies

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