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World Manufacturing Forum 2020

11/11 - 12/11 | Livestreamed from Cernobbio, Lake Como

15:15 – 16:15 | 11 November

PREPAREDNESS & PRODUCTIVITY: Building the Pandemic-Proof Supply Chains of the Future

The coronavirus pandemic represents a pivotal moment for the manufacturing sector. Three areas of focus  can help companies navigate its short-term effects: protect the workforce, manage risks to ensure business continuity, drive productivity remotely.

In order to promote global prosperity, we need to look beyond the current uncertainty, towards possible long-term changes to the industry.

Most of the ongoing industrial trends already started some time ago, and today’s crisis will merely accelerate their adoption.

Domestic Manufacturing: Western countries that have become so reliant on off-shore supplies for basic needs are now seeing the downside of decades of off-shoring production.

Decoupling of Supply Chains: greater visibility and coordination across the supply chain will enable better collaboration with a wider base of suppliers, part of a highly efficient and more resilient supply chain.


  • Bronwyn Fox: Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Swinburne University of Melbourne
  • Linda Hasenfratz: CEO, Linamar
  • Mike Lackey: Global Vice President of Solution Management Manufacturing, SAP