World Manufacturing Week 2021

18/10 - 22/10 | Set of targeted events

Recommendations to encourage attraction, thrive and leadership of women in the manufacturing industry

It is undeniable that the COVID 19 pandemic has brought about dire consequences for industry as a whole and for women in particular.

In order to promote good practices, we have looked into the recommendations developed by the expert group that was working during the 2020 period.

Together with the work of this year’s group of experts, such recommendations have allowed us to identify concrete actions to eliminate the gender gap.

These measures will be presented at the event so they can be promoted by industry, public institutions, international organizations, research centres, academia, and / or civil society, and which will also make it possible for the manufacturing industry to lead gender equity policies within new processes that will lead to a sustainable and digital industry and services.

SPRI and World Manufacturing Foundation

20 October 2021

Working language: English

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