Our Network

We support and amplify
our partners’ expression
in order to increase awareness,
develop critical thinking
and promote manufacturing narratives.

In the current Manufacturing scenario, cooperation between stakeholders is more important than ever.

As a non-profit organization, the World Manufacturing Foundation has a vital role in acting as an important platform for collaboration, in supporting the identification of the most contentious issues, and in devising strategic actions for the manufacturing sector. The success of the Foundation in fulfilling its mission greatly depends on its global network. The Foundation aims at facilitating interactions within its broad and diverse community through a Partnership System.

In guaranteeing opportunities for discussion, exchange, and interaction, an active network helps the Foundation to spread its message and to increase its role and impact.

You are at the heart of our strategy. The foundation pursues different types of partnerships, from institutional representation to technical partners. Such a dynamic system is fundamental to the World Manufacturing Foundation, for many reasons.

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The World Manufacturing Foundation was established in 2018 in Milan, by three Founding Partners: Confindustria Lombardia, IMS International, and Politecnico di Milano.

In addition, the Foundation is proud to work alongside an ever-expanding network of Institutional Partners.


Ambassadors provide support by promoting the WMF’s activities locally. Our network of ambassadors connects as many as ten different countries, and this figure is projected to increase as a growing number of people have expressed interest to join the ambassadors network.



Become a partner

Send an email to info@worldmanufacturing.org and discover more about the World Manufacturing Foundation’s Partnership opportunities.