Back to the Future: Manufacturing Beyond Covid-19

Back to the Future: Manufacturing Beyond Covid-19
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Key Findings for a Resilient Sector in the New Normal

The World Manufacturing Foundation,
in collaboration with 13 different focus groups, each with a team of experts, has analysed the key impacts of the pandemic to the sector.

We looked into four key perspectives, to answer important questions:


How does the workplace in the “new normal”
look like?

What skills would workers need?
How does it impact the role of women?
Industrial Smart Working
Raffaella Cagliano

Professor of People Management
and Organisation at School of Management, Politecnico di Milano

Women in Manufacturing
Cristina Oyón

Director of Technology,
Innovation and Sustainability, SPRI – Business Development Agency of the Basque Government

Skills and Mindset
of Employees
David Romero

Professor of Advanced Manufacturing,
Tecnológico de Monterrey, (Mexico),
Ambassador for the Manufacturing
beyond Covid-19




What are the policies to support companies
to help them respond to the ongoing pandemic?
What policies are needed to support global value chains?
How can policies be aligned in the regional,
national, and global levels?
Who wins and who loses
Cinzia Guido

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Digital Advisor, Confindustria Delegation to the EU,

Member of the Steering Committee, World Manufacturing Foundation

From the pandemic to the New Normal Rethinking Policies: Fiscal and Monetary Responses to the Pandemic
Massimiliano Serati

Associate Professor of Economic Policy, Università LIUC – Carlo Cattaneo

Andrea Venegoni

Assistant Professor of Economic Policy, Università LIUC – Carlo Cattaneo

New Industrial Relations: How manufacturing will change in a post-Covid world
Paola Astorri

CSR/Social Sustainability Expert, Employment, Welfare & Human Capital Department, Confindustria

Rethinking Strategies and Public Support at Regional Level after the Pandemic
Shira Fano, Silvia Oliva, Gianluca Toschi

Researcher, Senior Researcher, Senior Researcher Fondazione Nord Est


How to build supply chains that are more resilient to pandemics in the future?
How to respond to changing demand?
What is the role of manufacturing clusters?
The future of manufacturing clusters
Fernando G. Alberti

Professor and Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness, Università LIUC – Carlo Cattaneo Italy

Changing demand in a post Covid-19 world, how can manufacturers keep up?
Giuseppe Linati

General Director, DIH Lombardia

Sourcing and Procurement of supplies during disruptions
Martin Sanne

Executive Manager, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (South Africa), Ambassador for the World Manufacturing Foundation

Robert Mansfield

Director of Strategies, IMSI – Intelligent Manufacturing Systems International (USA),
Member of the Board of Directors,
World Manufacturing Foundation


How digital technologies can be leveraged
upon to support manufacturing during times
of disruptions?
Digital Transformation
and Manufacturing 4.0
Randy Zadra

Managing Director, Integris Software,
Ambassador and Member of the Steering Committee, World Manufacturing Foundation

Smart Enterprises
and Services
Antonio Careddu

President, ANIMP – Associazione Nazionale
di Impiantistica Industriale
(National Association for Industrial Plants) (Italy)


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