Back to the Future – Manufacturing Beyond Covid-19

01/06 - 11/11 | Virtual Focus Groups

Back to the Future: Manufacturing Beyond Covid-19

 14 Focus Groups, each tasked to deep-dive on a specific topic, will explore what the ongoing pandemic means for the manufacturing sector and   how manufacturing can be a positive driver for post-pandemic recovery. (Link to the presentation)

The 14 topics revolve around four key macro-themes:

  • PEOPLE: Manufacturing workers: re-imagining the workplace in a post-Covid world
  • POLICY: Government policies to support manufacturers during and after the pandemic
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Leveraging on Industry 4.0 technologies to support production during and after
  • PREPAREDNESS: Building   pandemic-proof supply chains of the


Call to Action

Group leaders will call for participants from all over the world

July and August:

Group Meetings

Participants will meet virtually to discuss  the given topic and develop their group white papers.

September and October:

Virtual Events

To anticipate the results of individual focus groups and  to the 2020 World Manufacturing Forum.


Presentation at the WMF 2020

Presentation of the comprehensive whitepaper: Back to the Future: Manufacturing Beyond Covid-19 and discussion of  group results in the 2020 World Manufacturing Forum