Rethinking global strategies and public support at the regional level after the Pandemic

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Rethinking global strategies and public support at the regional level after the Pandemic

Shira Fano

Researcher, Fondazione Nord Est


Silvia Oliva

Senior Researcher, Fondazione Nord Est


Gianluca Toschi

Senior Researcher, Fondazione Nord Est

The exciting project “Back to the Future: Manufacturing beyond Covid-19”, organized and coordinated by the World Manufacturing Foundation, aims at realizing a multi-disciplinary White Paper highlighting the best practices from the manufacturing sector after the Covid-19 outbreak. The paper will be presented in November at World Manufacturing Forum and the project involves several experts from all over the world.

Within this project, we were responsible for the topic: Rethinking Strategies and public support at regional level after the Pandemic. In fact, regions will have a key role in the re-start of manufacturing after the pandemic. The questions we addressed and tried to answer were:

Which are the best practices adopted by regions around the world? and, from a practical point of view, which policy tools can be applied in the post-Covid scenarios.

We discussed which are the main drivers that make a territory attractive for the manufacturing sector and focused on the topic of “reshoring platforms”, investigating how a territory can be attractive for reshoring movements, that will probably be generated by the reorganization of Global Value Chains.

We identified the main drives considering for example ease of automation in a given territory, investment in human capital, as well as drivers linked to firm’s image and sustainability, that will probably go up the ranking of priorities.

To address these issues, we have put together a panel of international experts from the academia, the private sectors and union representatives and we have met and discussed these issues in virtual meeting during the summer. All of our findings were then collected and summarized in a white paper, together with the other contributions.