World Manufacturing Week 2020

09/11 - 12/11 | On line events

Techs & Skills

New skills and work organization for the Digital Age on the shopfloor

Paolo Neirotti Presentation

BoostUp! EIT M

EIT Manufacturing – An European Apporach on AI

Klaus Beetz, CEO Presentation

Italian Excellence

Panel Presentation

Marina Damaggio, Head of Partnership and Sector Based Analyses Office Foreign Direct Investment Department, Italian Trade Agency

Panel Presentation

Marco D’Acunto, Senior Project Manager – Hi-tech sector, INVITALIA

Regione Valle D’Aosta Presentation

Apulia Presentation

Autonomous Province of Bolzano Presentation

Autonomous Province of Trento Presentation

Campania Presentation

Emilia-Romagna Presentation

Lazio Presentation

Liguria Presentation

Lombardy Presentation

Marche Presentation

Piedmont Presentation

Sicily Presentation

Tuscany Presentation

YML Main Event

Opening session

Marco Taisch, Scientific Chairman,
World Manufacturing Foundation

Essay Contest Award

Mark L. Casidsid, Lead Scientific and Strategic Projects, World Manufacturing Foundation

Next Generation EU

Le risorse europee per il ciclo di programmazione 2021-2027

Regione Lombardia Presentation

The role of the EUSALP Action Group 1 to promote an effective Research and Innovation ecosystem in the Alpine Region

Anna Giorgi – AG1 Leader Presentation

Digital Age

AI enriched multispectral elaboration to detect contaminants on steel surfaces

Pierluigi Petrali Presentation

Next Generation Fresh Fish

Nuno Gouveia Presentation


Using AI to Enable the Next Manufacturing Revolution: the 3D Printing Robot

Emil Johansson Presentation

Raising quality through data-driven rework in the automotive industry

Dr. Christian Hertle Presentation

Robotics as a Service for SME’s

Christoph Günther Presentation

Spixify Your Industry

André Joly Presentation

Human in the AI Loop

Sebastian Bardy Presentation

Development of a digital manufacturing demonstrator for Industry 4.0 training

Prof. Denis Dowling Presentation

MACH40 Manufacturing for the Digital Age

Pedro Arrazola Presentation

Collaborative and Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Gonçalo Figueira Presentation

AI in manufacturing – paradigm of Greece

LMS Presentation

Industry 4.NOW

It’s now time for Data Driven Business Processes

SAP Presentation – Opening

Our Decade of Delivery for Climate. Tackling the Challenge of the 21st Century Together

SAP Presentation – Closing

Real case implementation scenarios of MESs and Industrial IoT technologies

Derga Presentation

Predictive Maintenance: efficient management of assets in RetiPiù

Espedia | ICM.S Presentation

The importance of planning and scheduling systems to optimize the workload on production departments

Syscons Presentation

Smart Logistic Solutions

VARBMS Presentation

SMEs Digitalization & DIHs

Smart Anything Everywhere. Empowering SMEs in the Digital Age

Meike Reimann Presentation


Isabelle Chartier, Coordinator Presentation

Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs

Ricardo Goncalves, Coordinator Presentation

SMART4ALL – An extensive network of Digital Innovation Hubs for boosting technology and business development in South, Eastern and Central Europe

Nikolaos Voros Presentation

Smart4Europe2 – CSA – Supporting the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative

Melike Reimann Presentation

The Italian network of DIHs and Competence Centers

Giuseppe Linati, General Director, DIH Lombardia, Presentation

Preparing the network of European DIHs: lessons learned and recommendations

Anne-Marie Sassen, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Connect Presentation

FZI Research Center for Information Technology

FZI Presentation

Digitalization of Manufacturing: Building the ecosystem for a smart and sustainable future

EDIHs Panel Presentation

Empowering the manufacturing Network

Addressing the innovation challenge in SMEs

Josip Kotlar, PhD Presentation

Strategical partnerships in local innovation ecosystems a catalyst for the competitive growth

Marco Tarabini Presentation

Success story: Scatolificio Lariano

Davide Riva Presentation

Building a florid innovation ecosystem on the top of education, research and technology transfer

Andrea Barni Presentation

Panel Presentation

Research-Industry Open Innovation Contests for Advanced Manufacturing

Nicola Doppio Presentation